Meet Chatchay


chatchay ramone

  1. I started running when I was in my late teens.

  2. My goal is to stay fit and get more physical

  3. One bad experience I had — I injured my right knee and ankle. I was out of commission for a while. What brought me back is sanction race events like 5k, 10k 15k, half-marathon and marathon.

  4. Granola cereal with milk and banana before a race. Also pasta (2 to 3 plates) a night before a big race like half and full marathon.

  5. My running plan consist of running at least 25 miles a week or five miles each workout. Every other weekend I do long distance run like 15k or half-marathon. For half and full marathon, I follow interval runs with walks and refueling every two to three miles.

  6. Blooms to Brews Marathon 2017 because of the beautiful scenery which include mountains and tulips.

  7. Running clubs like Clark County Running Club; Vancouver Run, Chug and Grub; and Team Red Lizard. Of course, running partner(s) like my friends.

  8. My favorite run destination are Springwater Corridor to Waterfront Park; Salmon Creek Greenway Trail; Esther Short Park; and running around the neighborhood or work.

  9. Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon and Universal Studio Marathon in Orlando, Florida.

  10. “Success starts by setting goals.” “When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.” “Always do your best.”

Meet Thessaly

Thessaly Nicolaysen, Spokane, WA

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine

Danielle is an avid runner and triathlete. On the weekends or after work, you can usually find her biking, swimming, cycling and running along the many great routes in the Clark County area. If it’s during the winter, you’ll find her in the pool or at spin class at a local gym. She also enjoys helping her 10 year old son, Alex, reach his athletic goals.

Blooms to Brews marathon is an awesome event filled with fun people.

In the past, Danielle has worked as a cross country coach at Washougal High School and has also taught classes on how to prepare for your first half marathon.



  1. When did you start running?

    I was a runner from 1st-4th grade, then took a break until I was a freshman in college (about 9 years ago).

  2. Did you have a goal set in place like to lose weight or get more physical?

    Initially I wanted to lose weight and to learn better coping mechanisms.

  3. Have you had a bad experience(s) running? What brought you back?

    I have had many injuries and times in my running career that have taken me out of my best shape. My most unfortunate experiences have been performing poorly in a race and thinking I was a “bad” runner. What brought me back was twofold. First, and most importantly, I remind myself how much I really enjoy the sport, and enjoy being active and how much happier I am when running versus when I am not. The second thing that brings me back every time is that I always have a race on the calendar. I sign up for most races several months to a year in advance. There’s nothing like a $100+ entry fee to keep me committed 😊  

  4. What is your favorite thing(s) to eat before a race?

    I usually eat some sort of salad and peppermint tea the night before. On race morning, I always eat Fiber 1 cereal with almond milk.

  5. Do you follow a running plan? Like one to take on a marathon or half?

    I am a rebel and do my own thing when “training”.. I can’t follow someone else’s plan.

  6. What was the race you had a great/fun time at and why?

    Boston is always a crazy-cool experience. I love being able to experience a city on foot, and the crowds are awesome there! Another race that I absolutely adore is the Big Cottonwood marathon in Salt Lake City in September. I love the seeing the beauty of the mountains and love the friendliness of everyone there!

  7. What motivates you?

    I am motivated by the reminder that running is a gift.  I am SO grateful that I am able to run, and so grateful that I am able to experience the beauty of the world in such a special way because I am a runner.

  8. Where’s your favorite destination run?

    I loved the Azalea trail run in Mobile, Alabama. It’s so pretty, and the only non-marathon I would travel for again.

  9. Which run is on the bucket list?

    I really want to run the Abbot World Major marathons. I have completed Boston, and am signed up for Chicago, but still need to get the other 4 (New York, Berlin, Tokyo, and London) 😊

  10. What is your favorite quote?

    “Come what may, and love it!” Joseph B. Wirthlin and “Stay Humble, work hard, be kind.”